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Day 358: Grateful Dead Dancing Bears Hat

It really is getting down to the time where I have no idea what I have blogged and what I haven’t.  I spent a good 20 minutes sifting through the past 357 days worth of photos to see if I had blogged this hat before, and since I didn’t see it, I’ll assume I haven’t.  It’s getting tough, though.

This hat is black cotton with a plastic adjustable strap.  The front has 3 of the Grateful Dear “Dancing Bears” across it.

I got this hat when I was first getting in to the Grateful Dead.  It’s when it dawned on me that being a fan of a band is less easy to advertise than being a fan of a sports team.  I’m not sure this hat ever looked good on me, or that it isn’t stupid, but I did wear it a lot in college.  Then again, I had terrible taste back then.


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