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Day 360: Bauer HH4000L Hockey Helmet

Today was my first day of adult ice skating lessons.  Helmet mandatory.  Well, this is my helmet.  The lessons were a gift from my in-laws, and the helmet I got with Christmas money from my Father-in-Law.  Hopefully I won’t need it to save my life or anything, but it’s good to know I have it just in case.

This helmet, apparently, is a Bauer HH4000L model.  It’s black.  And plastic, with foam.  And a strap.  I got it used, and it had Montreal Canadiens stickers on it, but I peeled those off.

My lesson was… interesting.  It wasn’t so much of a lesson as a “go out there and skate.”  Well, I can’t skate.  So I held on to the boards and shuffled along for 20 minutes until I thought a hip was going to pop out of socket.  Then I rested, and the instructor advised me I could probably get my money back.  But I declined.  I will persevere, because I REALLY want to learn how to skate, at least a little bit, before my kids do!


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    OMG ! I cant comment…. Just be careful!!! OMG!!

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