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Day 365: Team Alex

Well, I have been saving this hat for a special day, and I guess that special day is going to have to be the last day of this blog.  It was supposed to be the day our second child is born, but he hasn’t gotten around to doing that yet, so I’m blogging this hat as historic #365.  This hat, I should point out, was a Christmas gift from El.  On Day 300 of the blog I wrote about my “Lia’s Daddy” hat, which was the one I got the Christmas before Lia was born.  Well, in case anyone didn’t know what our baby is going to be called, this is the hat I got in anticipation of Alexander being born.

This hat is my favorite color combination of blue and gold.  The hat itself is a blue acrylic/wool blend, stretch-fit with a spandex headband.  The front has the words “Team Alex” in gold block letters.  Because, who really is on your team more than your father, right?  And the back, in homage to the Lia’s Daddy hat, there is “Christmas ’09” written in gold script, next two two little baby footprints done in white and gold.

So… that’s it for The Great 365 Days of Hats Project.  I have to say I really enjoyed writing this blog.  It was nice to share my collection and my love of hats with everyone.  As I’m sure you noticed, my wonderful wife and daughter creeped in to this blog quite a bit.  I’m going to keep blogging, but I’m going to move on to a more family-centric blog soon.  Once I know what I’m going to call it, I’ll make sure to come back and link it here.  Thank you all for reading, it has definitely been my pleasure.


One Response to “Day 365: Team Alex”

  1. Wonderful ending to a fantastic blog! I am really going to miss reading this every morning, but I will look forward to the next blog. And of course, I am anxiously awaiting Alex! At least we know the hat is ready!!
    Love, Mom XXOOXX

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