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Day 363: Chicago Cubs (1994-2008) Road Replica Adjustable

I guess you could say I sort of grudgingly got this hat.  I wanted to be thorough, and the Cubs had been using this red billed hat for road games for a while.  So, since I didn’t have it, I had to get it.  But secretly I wished they’d just stuck to the normal blue bill on the road.  Luckily I got my wish this past baseball season, when this red bill was dropped.  So now this hat is a monument to my grudging acceptance of something I don’t like, and the eventual triumph over it.  Kind of like the Sabres’ jumping slugalo logo, which is definitely going to be GONE next year.  We won’t think about the dozens of outdated hats that will leave me with, though.

This hat is a wool/acrylic blend, and adjustable with a velcro strap.  The cap is royal blue with a red bill and button.  The front has the beautiful red C logo of the Cubs, and the back has the word “Cubs” written in block letters on the adjustable strap.

I can’t believe I’m 2 days away from the end of this blog.  And I just found a couple of hats I hadn’t blogged yet.  Stupid memory.  Oh well.  At least I know one of the hats that will still make it in to this blog come hell or high water.  I wonder what I’ll do to make sure I get some computer time every day once this blog is over!


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